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Meet Hayley

Updated: Mar 28, 2019


How you ended up at Versity: I was working part time at a clothing shop and had just finished my Certificate in Beauty Therapy and decided that not only did I want to remove hair by waxing but wanted to make hair beautiful on people. I saw Katie was advertising for staff and took a plunge and asked if she would consider putting me on as an apprentice. She did and here I am into my third year.

Favourite food: Ummmmm...... (stands thinking for 5 minutes) I don't know.... I do like Town and Country pizza, the Mexicana one is so hot and spicy. Delicious. And Nutella brownies from the kiosk downstairs.

What you love doing most in the salon: I like doing foils, ballyage. I like doing blondes. I find them more fun as they are usually such a big change especially if they come in with dark hair and go blonde. I love transfoming them and the steps that go with it.

Significant other: Jake.

Hair Advice: Always shampoo your hair twice. The first gets rid of the bulk of the dirt and build up, the second prepares the hair for the conditioner. Also treat your hair at least once a week.

Favourite NAK product:

I love the Sixty Second treatment because sometimes I'm lazy or don't have the time. With this I don't have to wait with a treatment on in the shower, so it's quick and leaves my hair feeling awesome. I also like the Repl-ends: because it smells yum and is a styling product and moisturiser in one.

Most memorable hair experience/client:

I loved a client called Laura who was blonde for a long period and she wanted to go to a copper. She looked amazing afterward and the colour was perfectly even and rich. The timing was perfect for the autumn season.

Oh and also my sister had broken and horrible hair before I started as a hairdresser. In the two and a half years since she's been coming in here we've seen it thicken and grow long, just through using quality Nak products, regular haircuts and treatments.

You should go check out my insta page where you can see my cool clients and the work I do at Versity.

You can book an appointment with Hayley online or call 52271446

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