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A Very Amazing Hair Transformation

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

It began with our apprentice superstar Hayley. (pictured)

She needed a hair model and her friend Megan volunteered.

Megan came in to be a shampoo and treatment model and from there she never looked back.

Prior to having a bestie become our Versity apprentice, Megan had been given bad advice or no advice on how to maintain her hair.

Check out the pic of Megan's hair in her first visit to Versity Hair. You won't believe the after picture but first read how we reached it

Hayley gave Megan a full shampoo and treatment service. First we sat Megan a down and assessed her hair, hair history and what she wanted to achieve.

Megan's dream was to have long healthy hair, possibly blonde one day but thought that would be impossible because the blonde services she had in the past ended up making her hair a chemical mullet.

We prepared Megan's hair with a tangle tonic brush to get the blood flow happening through the scalp and this also removes any dryness and works the natural oils to the ends.

Hayley then chose to use the NAK Aromas Coloured Shampoo on Megan's hair. She shampooed twice, massaging the scalp all over and rinsed thoroughly. Hayley then used the NAK Hydrating Mask because at this point we wanted to hydrate those dry ends. The repair treatments were to come.

Megan then purchased the products used on her hair for home. She had in the past bought one of treatments but we explained that while these are definitely beneficial, the importance of giving hair goodness with each wash, not just once a month with a treatment is also hugely important. Not to mention the value of regular trims and advice by the Versity Professionals. By using NAK products Megan was caring for her hair and the NAK colours we used. Cheap nasty haircare strips away the natural oils and open up the cuticle causing breakage.

After one month of treatments, and toner colour and using NAK quality products used on her hair we could already see the results.

Megan had never been able to grow her hair much past her shoulders and just accepted that with highlights came hair breakage.

The saying 'the things we do for beauty' is an old saying that doesn't apply to hair at Versity Hair. There is no need for hair to suffer through chemical treatments.

Megan swapped from the Aroma's Colour Care to NAK Structure Range including in salon treatments which stopped further damage and rebuilt damaged hair.

Megan was on the road to her long hair dream.

Fast forward to six months with us caring for her hair, Megan's hair was growing well but it still wasn't long enough but was now strong and healthy and well on the way. She decided that until she got there she would have some Gadiva Hair Extensions by Katie here at Versity.

We matched Megan's extensions to the chocolate brown permanent colour and Megan had the long hair she wanted but we told her it was only until her hair grew a bit more. The Gadiva micro bead extensions won't damage hair and were a great way to achieve length and thickness.

But of course it didn't end there Megan still wanted longer, blonder hair. Six months of extensions we removed them and began the lightening process.

First round of foils saw this result.

Megan's hair had grown with proper hair and salon care. We used the NAK Structure Complex in our lightening services to stop breakage and this is evidence it works.

Did I mention Megan wanted to be a blonde bombshell?

Get ready, brace yourself for the end result.

Taa Daa.

Can you believe this is the same person? The same hair as the first pic. AND all within two years of her first visit.

Megan no longer has a mullet and has the long blonde hair she's always dreamed of.

I'd call this Hair GOALS!

Three things you can take away from this.

  • Look after you hair with professional products. Our favourite is NAK

  • Don't just accept that hair will break during these services. Look for the right salon (Us) who will nurture you hair and give great advice

  • Call the Versity Team today Or book on our easy online booking where you don't even need a password to use.

xo Katie

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