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Wedding Season in Geelong

Here comes the bride, and quiet possibly a bunch of bridesmaids, the mother and mother in-law, Aunty June, grandma and the sister that flew in last minute.

They are all lining up for the bathroom mirror and have forgotten about the most important person on the day, you the bride.

Yes weddings can be stressful.  You can organise everything before hand, the dress ready and hanging, the reception sorted and then leave it up to the wedding gods on the day, but two things you need to do on the day that can’t be done before is your hair and makeup. 

The week leading up to a wedding can be hectic, finalising all those bits and pieces so to book your makeup and hair is an absolute necessity.

Kate, the Versity Hair and Makeup Queen, can come to your place on that special day.

“The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is leave home or the wedding location. I know this from experience so that’s why we offer a mobile hair and make up service to wedding parties.”  

Katie, owner of Versity Hair is a perfectionist and loves being present on her client’s special day.  

“I always recommend a hair trial and that gives us a chance to work out a timeline leading up to the big day. If our brides have colour/foils we work out when they need to plan that be it a day or week before to ensure it looks perfect on the day and fits into their schedule. “

Versity is not just about hair and makeup there is the preparation before.  Many brides and some grooms, book their waxing and spray tans the week of their wedding to make sure they are wedding and honeymoon ready.

“So much money is invested in the dress, the location and the photographer. We want brides and grooms to feel their most confident on the day and make those pictures perfect.”  Katie says. “And with our beauty rooms and experienced beauty therapists we can."

The Versity Team love the buzz of working on location for your wedding. "It's an honour to be part of a wedding knowing that we saved brides time and the stress of coming to the salon."

Versity Hair bring it all to you with their hair kit full of hot irons, curlers and NAK Haircare to ensure your hair stays perfectly. They use mainly Bodyography Makeup that makes any bride look flawless.

Versity Hair also has Afterpay/Salonpay as another option for payment.

If you have a wedding or special occasion coming up call Versity Hair and Beauty on

5227 1446 for a consultation with Katie.

Or head to our contact page to book in a wedding consultation with Katie.

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